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With over 20 years of experience in trading & sole agency, PT. Elemen Gemilang Suryamasinka (PT. Elgisa) works with heart, strong commitment and high professionalism to be the best service partner for its principals & customers through provision of high tech, innovative machineries.


Our Vision, Mission & Value


To become a trusted industrial machinery supplier providing appropriate technology that brings positive impact to product’s economic value and preserves environment.

Menjadi supplier mesin industri yang terpercaya dengan menyediakan teknologi tepat guna sehingga berdampak pada nilai ekonomis produk dan tidak merusak lingkungan hidup.



To be a ‘service partner’ that serves to the principals & customers.

Menempatkan diri sebagai  ‘service partner’ yang melayani bagi principal dan customer.

To advance employees in every aspect, enabling them to be a trusted partner with professional serving attitude.

Memberdayakan karyawan dalam segala aspek agar mampu menjadi mitra kerja yang terpercaya dengan sikap melayani yang professional.

To be a connecting link that creates synergy for the related industries to produce new employment opportunities.

Menjadi mata rantai yang menciptakan sinergi dalam industri terkait untuk menciptakan lapangan kerja baru.



Work is an act of devotion

Bekerja adalah beribadah


Our Business Field


  • Salvagnini Group: Leader in flexible machines & system for sheet metal fabrication with innovative solutions that are recognized as state of the art in sheet metal processing.
  • Eckold: The name “eckold” has always been a synonym for high quality chipless coldforming of sheet metal, tubes and profile sections since the founding of the company. The Eckold Forming technique is well known in the metalworking industry and related handicraft shops worldwide.
  • ARKU: European market leader in levelling and feeding equipment with more than 80 years of experience.
  • ACTECH: Leading provider of affordable CNC cutting machine for the sheet metal industry with strong system solution and technical support.
  • IRC Automation: An innovative high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of polyurethane (PU) dispensing machine, foaming machine, glue spreading machine and other sealing machine.


  • Faccin: The bending specialist for over 50 years in the design and manufacturing of plate bending rolls, profile bending machines, dished head machinery.


  • PERT Engineering: An engineering company in the steel making industry with continuous innovation to save energy and increase return on investment. PERT has developed revolutionary range of equipments that became milestones in the rolling mill technology.


  • Amitec: Under the slogan of “State-of-the art Technology through Sincerity”, AMITEC puts our commitment to “deliver the best quality in order to obtain confidence and satisfaction of customers” as ISO Quality Policy.


Company History

1991: the majority of the business is selling reconstructed second hand woodworking machinery. Most of the products are European and Japanese.

2000: PT. Suryamasinka Semestaraya becomes the sole agent of SCM GROUP (woodworking machinery from Italy) for the Indonesian market.

2006: PT. Suryamasinka Semestaraya enters into Sheet Metal Industry and receives sole agency right to represent SALVAGNINI GROUP from Italy.

2009: PT. Suryamasinka Semestaraya goes into Building and Construction Industry and becomes the sole representative of reinforcement equipment from SCHNELL GROUP Italy.

2010: PT. Suryamasinka Semestaraya establishes new branch office in Jakarta, which purpose is to widen the marketing and service network, especially for Sheet Metal Industry & Building and Construction Industry.

2012: PT. Suryamasinka Semestaraya expands to Steel Making Industry and represents PERT Engineering from Italy whose core business is in industrial plants and general engineering.

2013: Based on shareholders decision, PT. Suryamasinka Semestaraya decides to separate their Woodworking Machinery Division and Metal Machinery Division. As well as ends their partnership with Schnell Group. PT. Elemen Gemilang Suryamasinka (PT. ELGISA) is born.

2014: Second generation of management joins the company.