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Coral history
Three generations of the Coral family have been actively involved in the establishment and subsequent development of the Coral group. The company was founded in 1958 by Orfeo Coral. His three sons, Ermino, Nevio and Luciano Coral took the helm at the company in 1964. In 1996, the four cousins Claudio, Ivano, Emanuela and Alberto Coral, in close cooperation with the 36 partners, joined the company with different responsibilities in managing, both in terms of operations and administration, Coral Group which currently comprises twenty three companies specialized in air extraction and filtration, air purification and noise treatments.

Think Different – Look Different – Work Different
Coral way is different, we provide solution for customer needed, and constantly searching for solutions to improve the health conditions of the worker in his workplace and consequently also the quality and the productivity

One product for all problem? NO!
Coral have full range of product for specific problem. Fume and dust have different solution. Even fume have several type of filtration. Please feel free to contact us, we can discuss a solution for your problem.

Corso Europa, 59710088 VOLPIANO
Tel. +39.011.9822000
Fax +39.011.9822033

Anti Pollution

Downflow filter complete with extraction arm, mounted on silent wheels. Designed for extraction of fumes, fine dust and small dust quantities. Using2 pc M-PES polyester filter cartridge / d325 h400mm, mounted horizontally, IFA/BGIA certified Class ‘M’ which established release of <0.1% of powders.

Complete with timer controlled filter cleaning by “Reverse Pulse Jet” system, to make sure this unit always ready to extract any pollutant.

Using 2pc “EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE 150/3Alu” extraction arm (patented), with external spring support system for easy articulation, also build in flow setting damper.

Heavy-duty stationary downflow filtering unit with automatic cleaning filters, but designed with compact size to minimize the space. Suitable for extraction and filtration of fumes, fine dust, small chip quantity.

Constructed of steel panel, powder coated, complete with filter, fans, bins. Top cover is a sound damping plenum to reduce noise from the fan.

Using Polyester filtering cartridge M-PES/d325 h1200mm,  IFA/BGIA certified Class ‘M’ which established release of <0.1% of powders  with granulometry in range of 0.2-2 microns, with cross speed 0.056m/s to make sure that output air is clean and healthy.

Filter unit for fine dust & smoke, fitted with polyester cartridge filters & autonomous reverse pulsejet cleaning system. This unit is constructed in zero-spangled galvanised sheet metal, CNC cut & folded. Vertical mounted filter cartridges to give best performance.

Using Polyester filtering cartridge M-PES, IFA/BGIA certified Class ‘M’ which established release of <0.1% of powders  with granulometry in range of 0.2-2 microns, to make sure that output air is clean and healthy.

Using PLC economiser 230V IP65 with 2 differential pressure probe to provide best efficiency for cleaning system.

Can be used as St1 ATEX protection.

Downdraft bench designed for industrial application for sanding/buffing/grinding/welding    operations that produces fine dust and/or smoke.  Very low maintenance design with automatic filter cleaning system and plug and play design with motor, fan, filters all mounted on-boards.

Using  M-PES/TF Filtering cartridge dia325mm h660mm, COL270-TF Polyester media with TF-Teflon coating, suitable for sticky dust.  IFA/BGIA certified Class-M for 99.9% capture of dust sized 0.2-2 microns.

“QF-6 Economiser” for auto control of Reverse Pulsejet Cleaning System. Cleaning cycles demanded based on filter clogging levels with pressure differential probes, instead of standard timer-controls