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Alma History
35 years of CAD/CAM software to help optimize production. 1979, creation of Alma: Researchers in Applied Mathematics design the first automatic nesting software to save on raw material when cutting textile, metal sheets, etc. Alma quickly develops in the field of software piloting cutting and sheet-metal working machines. In 1996, the Group extends its activity to robot off-line programming for arc welding and 3D-cutting.From Shanghai to Porto Alegre, Alma’s software is today widely marketed worldwide and recognized for its optimization capacity and innovative functionalities. Within 30 years, Alma has become a major CAD/CAM software house, present in many countries.

Alma, a CAD/CAM software company that combines innovation and international presence
Known for over 35 years for our expertise in automatic nesting of complex shapes for cutting, we are a leading company in the field of software for sheet-metal working, cutting and robotics, and are well established worldwide.Since the very beginning, we have been designing and developing innovative solutions to optimize material consumption and machine production capacity. We have also contributed to the development of emerging technologies by closely working with machine manufacturers. Every year, 20% of Alma’s turnover are reinvested in R&D.Alma offers the most comprehensive range of CAD/CAM software products for any type of cutting, sheet-metal working and mechanized welding. This includes in particular: 2D cutting, punching, routing, 5-axis cutting, robotized cutting, tube and profile cutting, shearing, folding/unfolding, robotized arc welding, etc.

Known for over 35 years for our expertise in automatic nesting of complex shapes for cutting, we are a leading company in the field of software for sheet-metal working, cutting and robotics, and are well established worldwide. Our skills enable us to answer various highly-specialized needs and to propose integrated solutions that fit the multiple requirements of our customers, whether they use our applicative software, manufacture machine tools, integrate or edit software. Our core business that includes the development and edition of industrial software relies on the following key skills:

  • Optimization of industrial and algorithmic processes
  • Nesting and CAM applied to cutting
  • CAD/CAM sheet-metal working
  • Robotics (trajectory calculation, obstacle avoidance)

15 rue Georges Perec
38400 Saint-Martin-d’Hères

Tel: +33 (0) 476637620

CAM Software

almaCAM software suite is an integrated programming solution designed for any kind of fluid jet cutting machines (laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet) as well as for 2D routing, punching-nibbling and combined-technology machines. Whichever the machines you operate, almaCAM is optimally configured to rationalize your programming process while taking into account the specificities of each technology or machine.

The nesting and programming software for cutting

Supporting a wide range of machine and technology requirements at every step of programming – from part preparation to the NC code generation, including nesting and tool

Providing unique nesting algorithms that fit any type of cutting needs, almaCAM Cut significantly decreases material loss rates and improves productivity.

Whenever possible, the software operates in full automatic mode. However, in very touchy situations, almaCAM Cut, in order to ensure the most efficiency, operates in interactive mode, and the user makes the final decision.

Open and customizable, act/cut imports part geometries from any CAD software and easily interacts with Production Management Systems or ERP solutions.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • Support of machines of any types and brands
  • Support of any cutting technology requirements (laser, plasma, water jet etc.)
  • Powerful nesting algorithms and optimized tool path research
  • Automatic user assistance at any stage of the programming and ability to work in full automatic mode
  • Easy-to use
  • Software openability (interaction with various 2D/3D CAD systems and Production Management Systems or ERP solutions)
  • Available built-in customization tools
  • Availability of complementary and task-oriented modules: sheet metal part unfolding, library of developed shapes for boiler making, stock and manufacturing order management, workshop seat, scheduling, etc.

AlmaCAM software suite is an integrated programming solution designed for punching-nibbling and combined-technology machines as well as for routing and 2D continuous cutting. Whichever the machines you operate, almaCAM is optimally configured to rationalize your programming process while taking into account the specificities of each technology or machine.

The programming software for punching-nibbling

almaCAM Punch’s added value in punching-nibbling technology lies mainly in the software’s powerful automation (tool allocation, machining sequence, nesting, part evacuation, etc.). This makes almaCAM Punch a highly productive solution for on-demand production of numerous and varied parts. The software can manage all loading/unloading peripheral systems and is perfectly adapted to combined machines.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • One mouse click to perform the tool allocation and part nesting, optimize the machining sequencing including the part evacuation and generate the CN program
  • Automatic completion of identical part common cut with or without micro-junctions
  • Automatic part nesting under or around clamps
  • Multi-tool and special tool management
  • Automatic or manual management of any type of evacuation system
  • Part machining preparation based on a pre-defined turret model which allows limiting the number of tool changes on the machine

Thanks to a solid CAD/CAM experience in the cutting sector plus machine and robots programming skills, Alma has developed a highly-efficient solution for the programming of 5-axis cutting machines and  cutting robots.

Programming software for 5-axis cutting machines and cutting robots

Through a simple and intuitive user interface, almaCAM Space Cut is dedicated to the programming of any type of 3D-cutting machines regardless the number of axes or the cutting technique used (laser, plasma, waterjet, or routing). Providing support for advanced manufacturing functions, almaCAM Space Cut can meet any kind of requirements, including high-level manufacturing requirements for the cutting of complex parts.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • Comprehensive modeling of the machine and its environment
  • Reduction of programming cycle thanks to powerful functions automating the creation of cutting trajectories, the definition of lead-ins/lead-outs and the sequencing of cutting profiles
  • Reduction of cycle times
  • Automatic search for collision-free trajectories
  • Realistic simulation of the cutting sequence and visualization of possible anomalies (speed, collisions, accessibility, job tolerance)
  • Management of cutting parameters in database material/thickness
  • Easy-to-learn and use: simplified control panel,  easy object handling, clear and simple display of cell objects, cutting profiles, and programs using tree-views
  • Extension to other technological processes such as laser welding and polishing.

Product overview

Based on an accurate 3D representation of the machine (including  kinematics or axis limit elements) and its environment, almaCAM Space Cut, thanks to automatic geometry analysis functions, can automatically define the cutting contours for CAD-imported parts.

Using a powerful algorithm that optimizes the paths while avoiding collisions, almaCAM Space Cut generates the tool head trajectories. It also allows you to automatically model the tooling from the 3D model of the part to cut.

With almaCAM Space Cut, you will easily create and validate NC programs thanks to realistic simulation and automatic control functions combined with display features for visualizing anomalies.

Since the development of the very first software algorithms for automatic nesting, 35 years ago, Alma continues to provide leading-edge and innovative nesting and cutting optimization software solutions for industry around the world. Today, we are a leading provider of 2D and 3D cutting software tools and nesting software components that can be incorporated into your current applications, whatever your systems or technologies in place. Our software provides the powerful algorithms and functions for the whole range of cutting and nesting requirements for sheet metal working, packaging, plastics, shipbuilding sectors… Alma technology provides solutions with unequalled performance for your industry.

Software component for 2D complex-shape automatic nesting

Powernest is powerful and comprehensive library for automatic nesting. This library has been designed to develop optimization applications for 2D nesting or CAM cutting and can be used in a wide range of sectors: sheet metal working, packaging industry, shipbuilding, wood panel, plastic cutting, etc.

As a pioneer since 35 years in the field of cutting optimization and automatic nesting of complex shapes for the cutting of materials in sheets, Alma provides CAD/CAM software developers with its unique experience through the Powernest component.

Main advantages and benefits:

  • Unique and unequalled performance in nesting
  • Combination of numerous functions resulting in a complete interactive product(collision detection and anti-collision management, automatic nesting following a manually-initiated nesting)
  • Support of various industry requirements
  • Easy to integrate
  • Possibility to benefit from Alma support and expertise for the component integration