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ECKOLD has always been a synonym for high quality chipless coldforming of sheet metal, tubes and profile sections since founding of the company.

We are long time specialists for chipless coldforming of sheet metal, tubes and profile sections and as a pioneer of clinching – the innovative technique connecting sheet metal components – we can support and assist our customers with a wide range of standard and customized tooling.

The Eckold Forming technique is at home in the metalworking industry and related handicraft shops worldwide. We see ourselves as specialists for tailor made solutions in this market segment and as reliable partners for our customers.

Finding answers, designing and building perfect solutions – let our expertise be the key to your success.

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Cold Metal Forming

ECKOLD Kraftformer machines differ in forming capacity, throat depth, number of strokes and pressure control.

ECKOLD technology means precise and chipless cold forming of sheet metal, tubes and profiles with minimum noise. The same machine is used for bending profiles and forming sheet metal, for making new parts as well as for repairs and the precise correcting of parts. Available for the machines are a wide range of tools which can be mounted and changed in a matter of seconds to suit the work in hand with the machine. This intelligent technology is unique throughout the world.

The ECKOLD Kraftformer-Program:

ECKOLD Kraftformer machines are used in the aviation industry, in shipbuilding, rail car manufacturing and all other fields of sheet metal forming and metal working.

English Wheeling is an old famous sheet metal Forming method: The panel is moved back and forward by the Craftsman between two rollers (Upper Wheel and Anvil).

Cold forming is obtained through the controlled movement and pressure between the wheels to the desired shape. Planishing is also possible after the panel have been stretched through hammering / blocking.

The english wheel is specially adapter for car restoration, custom race cars, custom bikes, prototypes fabrication, arts and craftworks, aircraft fabrication or for any kind of sheet metal forming.

Planishing tools smoothing the surface after forming to the desired finish