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World Master in waterjet machines and technologies since 1991. The company headquarters are located in Monza, Italy, one of Italy’s outstanding manufacturing districts always geared to the innovation and the pursuit of top quality performance.

In 2004, it begun an internationalization process focused on the expansion and consolidation of Waterjet’s presence on leading international markets. Thanks to exclusive distribution agreements and new branch offices for direct sales opened in the USA and the UAE over the past 15 years, Waterjet can now ensure an excellent widespread sales force along with timely technical support for its machines. From 1991 up until now, Waterjet has sold and installed over than 1500 systems across 60 countries.

Waterjet’s success on the international market of waterjet cutting and finishing systems lies in the constant drive to pursue top quality standards: the in-house design team designs and develops all the innovative applications and high-tech solutions, which are then patented and implemented on the machines. Waterjet certifies its high-quality standards through checks, testing and commissioning procedures in compliance with the latest ISO 9001-2015 standard regulations.

Viale G.B. Stucchi, 66/23
20900 Monza – MB

4460 AB Goes
Tel: +39 039 204971


PRIMA LT 510 – Integrated Cantilever System

3 Axis NC Flying Bridge technology with Integrated Tank

Ball Screw and rack and pinion motion system with automatic lubrication.

PRATICA FB 510 – Flying Bridge Technology
Separate Stainless Steel Tank with Ball Screws motion system and automatic lubrication

CLASSICA – 3 Axis Tecnology
Gantry type with integrated Stainless Steel Tank. 3 axis gantry technology with helical rack and pinion motion system and automatic lubrication

Separate Stainless Steel Tank and Ball Screw motion system with automatic lubrication

Combination of Waterjet & Plasma cutting machine