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The Axelent Group has grown into an international group of companies with a total workforce of over 200 people. Our products are sold in over 50 countries and our vision is to keep on expanding.

Axelent is a Swedish company with extensive experience within the manufacture of mesh wall systems in the form of protection and partitioning systems for industry, warehouses and construction. Speed, safety, service and smart solutions are watchwords that characterize our entire organization and business. We are market leaders within several sectors and our products are represented all over the world. 

Made in Hillerstorp. Works worldwide
Axelent’s head office is located in Hillerstorp, Sweden. All product development, production, storage and packaging is carried out here. Our production is high grade automated to manage high volumes and speedy deliveries. Our machines are specially designed to meet our high efficiency, quality and intelligent flow demands. As all our standard products are in stock, we can ship your order the same day as we get it.

Efficient production means quick deliveries
Our production is high grade automated to manage high volumes and speedy deliveries. We have created a completely unique production facility where we have combined in-house developed machines developed with Axelent Engineering with many years of machine guard experience and knowledge. As all our standard products are in stock, we can ship your order the same day as we get it.

We have a unique model for our customers
What is security? We at Axelent are much more interested in your experience of us than in what we write about our company and the products and services we provide. We have, however, listened carefully to what you the customer really want and are very pleased  that your overall impression of Axelent is that we are a quality supplier. Our speed, company culture and knowledge should allow us to serve you quickly with the very best possible safety solutions. This is the foundation of our ‘simple’ but unique business model, a model which has made Axelent one of the leading brands in the industry.

Kävsjövägen 17SE-335 73 Hillerstorp
Tel. +46 370 37 37 30


X-Guard is number one of machine guards that complies with the Machinery Directive’s demands on permanent guards from 29 December, 2009. With its wide range of standard components and accessories, X-Guard is guaranteed to cover all possible machine guard needs. We can also offer X-Guard Contour, which is the market’s first machine guard with round corners.


Axelent’s machine guards are designed to fulfil all the demands put on a functional machine guard. Functional and smart. In addition to safety, it is vital that our products work as smoothly as possible. Our machine guards have many smart solutions to facilitate the flows in and around the machines that require this type of protection.


Our machine guards are built around a standard design with regard to panels, posts, accessories and colour. This makes it easier for you to complement existing guards if required.


X-Guard machine guards are available in mesh panel sections or sheet plate and plastic sections (see X-Guard Technical p. 4-7). Axelent’s large selection of doors, locks and accessories offer a complete machine guard solution tailored to your needs.


Smooth and easy handling, together with speedy delivery and assembly, always gives you a good overall economy when choosing Axelent’s machine guards.

X-Guard and X-Tray is the perfect combination of machine guarding and a cable routing system. X-Tray for X-Guard can be completely integrated with our machine guard, which makes Axelent unique on the market. The black wire trays and smart fittings gives an integrated and sleek design.

X-Tray cable trays fit X-Guard machine guard like a glove. Together they provide the optimal solution. X-Tray cable trays are strong, adaptable and easy to fit. They enable elegant solutions with no special tools required. As with X-Guard, only a few brackets and tools are needed. The combination of X-Tray and X-Guard gives you maximum use of minimum material. A simple but smart touch. The near endless possibilities, despite fewer components, saves you time and money through having everything in one order to complete projects.

The perfect fit Axelent’s X-Tray is the ideal cable tray for X-Guard machine guard because they are perfectly matched for smooth installation to give a professional touch. No special tools required The combination is easy to assemble without the need for special tools. A 13 mm spanner is all you require. One supplier A turnkey solution from one supplier makes project implementation that much quicker and easier. It is also cost-effective because everything is bundled in the same shipment.


The X-Store systems are designed to give you easy and secure access to your warehouse. The second generation offers a number of benefits and improvements. This includes a dedicated seiling solution, easy independent removal of adjacent panels and a single post that can used in three different directions – including corners!

                                        • New fast and unique way to attach panels to posts
                                        • Wide range of locks and doors (based on the same system that is used for for X-Guard)
                                        • Remove a panel without affecting the adjacent panels Build right up to the ceiling Available in Snapper
                                        • Works Modular concept – custom height and width

SafeStore is the ultimate solution for safe, tidy and easy storage. By attaching SafeStore onto shelf store, a pallet or goods can be prevented from falling down and causing injuries or damage. Today SafeStore is used in all types of warehouses from the small manually operated warehouse to the fully automated crane warehouse.

The SafeStore system is based on six standard sections that can be adapted to almost all modern shelf systems. The sections are attached with brackets to the shelf posts and then bolted to each other to the required width and height. Two different types of guard openings enable you to combine safety and economy. You can also cut the guard for optimal fit. Everything is delivered plastic-wrapped on our special pallets straight from Hillerstorp, Sweden.

X-Rail fall protection system can be used as an edge protection for mezzanine floors. The system is a modification of our X-Guard range and therefore the system can fill dual purposes, mezzanine protection and machine guarding. X-Rail can be used either without panels or with X-Guard Classic panels – mesh, plastic, and sheet metal.

X-Rail comes in two post heights; 1 400 and 2 300 mm, and can be installed in a number of different heights and center widths allowing you to choose your preferred configuration.

The system is completely interchangeable with standard X-Guard in areas where edge protection is not required. X-Rail is quickly and easily installed either directly on a concrete floor, bolted to the steel mezzanine I-beams of the mezzanine structure or on several different bases, including 38 mm plywood or metal grid channels.

The installation of the modular handrail is also easy, the existing key hole slots in the rails allow to use a handrail and additional kneerail, if needed. To ensure that maximum safety is achieved you also may also install mesh, solid or transparent panels depending on the nature of the installation and the requirements. Using a full mesh panel and the kick plate, you avoid gaps and thereby prevent accidents with smaller objects falling to lower levels.

ShelfStore is practical and very stable mesh shelving that is suitable for non-pallet small items as well as for pallet storage. Mesh shelving does not gather dust and lets light and water seep through, usually a requirement when a sprinkler system is installed.

All parts of ShelfStore are designed to make handling as safe and easy as possible. One example is that mesh shelving has deep, overlying wires which makes taking goods in and out easy. The L-shaped front section also ensures that the shelving sits securely in the shelves without them needing to be bolted in place, a feature which also makes changing or converting your warehouse or storage area easier. ShelfStore can be supplied in a number of sizes. The mesh shelving is supplied on shrink-wrap plastic covered pallets.


A new way of preventing damage in industrial environments How often have you experienced the following? A forklift goes astray and is stopped by a steel bollard, safety rail or bracket. Unfortunately, the collision damages the steel bollard. As well as the concrete floor, the forklift and the goods. Moreover, the operator is injured. Surely things don’t have to be like this? Imagine if you could replace those heavy-duty collision guards with a set of solutions designed to absorb impacts and avert collisions while also reducing your maintenance costs? Well, these solutions already exist. And they’re available at Axelent’s Impact Protection.


X-Tray are developed for a smart, fast and easy installation. The cable routing system is a premium brand and complies with the highest demands on cable routing systems according to IEC 61537.

X-Tray system is simple and flexible to use and the longest spacing between support brackets on the market gives you a cost-effective solution with regard to the number of parts and their installation. We can give you the best visual presentation and the fastest quote. X-Tray is about reducing the costs. Fewer supports and fewer parts bring down the overall cost.

With X-Rack  U-Bars and a few accessories you can create data racks according to your specifications. You can mount your equipment in the front, back or in center of the rack. The depth and height of the rack is determined by the length of the U-Bars. X-Rack comes in several standard sizes, but can also be cut or ordered to the required size.

All the parts are ordered separately, making it easier to adapt to your needs and quick and easy to transport and assemble in just a few minutes. Preassembled racks are also available on request. Customer-specific product kits can also be made to simplify future ordering and installation. One advantage with this is that the wire trays can be fitted directly on X-Rack without the need for brackets and pendants. We also have accessories like radius limiters and cable trays that allow cables to be installed neatly, safely and easily.