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Timesavers has been setting the standards for years now
Timesavers is the largest producer of wide abrasive belt equipment in the world with sites in Minneapolis (USA) and Goes (the Netherlands). More than 50,000 Timesavers’ wide belt grinding machines have been sold worldwide of which a large number are still operational today. With more than 70 years of experience and a huge customer base worldwide, we recognise like no other the need for and strength of constant development and innovation. We provide a total package to our customers with our technical solutions, international production, extensive application knowledge and unmatched after-sales support. This is all brought about by a dedicated team with a sharp focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Creativity and technology go hand-in-hand at Timesavers
We subscribe to the premise that different options are required for different applications and there is nobody who offers a broader range of machines than Timesavers. In addition, Timesavers also develops and produces machines for special applications up to complete turnkey project solutions with innumerable types of peripheral equipment. Timesavers thinks in terms of solutions and likes to meet your challenge with vigor and enthusiasm.

Your product deserves top quality
You will have the solution in-house with Timesavers’ wide abrasive belt equipment for the optimum processing of products made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and Zincor coated (including plastic films or embossed surfaces). Are you looking for perfection in deburring, edge rounding, finishing or precision grinding with the highest attainable quality and with an unmatched finish? Choose Timesavers.


Fruitlaan 20-30
4462 EP Goes

P.O. Box 68
4460 AB Goes
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 113 238911
Fax: +31 113 232003

Deburring Rounding Finishing

The 42 RB series for deburring, finishing, edge rounding and laser oxide removal

Discover the ultimate machine for perfect deburring, edge rounding and finishing of your product(s). This is the most popular and award winning Timesavers machine.

The 42 series offers the solution for manufacturers who supply premium quality products. This top quality is achieved through a multi-rotating brush machine with eight brushes that deburr uniformly and round the edges of the metal perfectly. This ensures you can create a rounding radius of up to no less than 2 mm.

This deburring machine can also be provided with one or more abrasive belt heads and therefore it will perfectly remove very large burrs and/or it will guarantee the perfect finish. The machine is suitable for machining plasma cut, 3D and machined parts. In addition, small parts (from 30 mm) up to large parts up to 1600 mm can be machined. The materials that can be machined include stainless steel, aluminium, zincor, zinc and laser film products.

The 32 series is the compact dry operating machine for deburring, edge rounding and/or finishing of different materials. The machine has the same look as the Red Dot Award 2016 winning design of the 42 series RB.

The machine forms the new standard in deburring, edge rounding and finishing technology for a broad range of materials. This compact machine can be supplied with the attachment that Timesavers has recently developed: the rotary brush.

Much attention has been paid to the ease of use and user comfort with regard to this stylish and efficient deburring and finishing machine. The result is a machine that can be operated intuitively and easily. In addition, consumable use is low, the machine is energy efficient and the price-quality ratio is optimal. The machining process can be easily observed because of the angled control panel and the large window.