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Founded in 1960 by António Martins Oliveira Barros (AMOB) and followed now by his son Manuel Barros and by their grandchildren Inês Barros and Manuel António Barros, AMOB has progressively become the world’s leading manufacturer of metalworking technologies, providing one of the biggest ranges of specialised equipment for the tube and pipe bending industry worldwide. We serve the global market with exceptional machinery and tooling for tube and pipe bending, section bending and swaging purposes – ranging from simple, manual appliances to complex, fully electric CNC powered systems. AMOB designs, develops, retails and services a variety of products for a range of leading industrial industries including automobile and shipping, aeronautics and construction amongst others.


Rua Padre Domingos Joaquim Pereira, 1249
4760-563 Louro
V. N. de Famalicão

Phone: (+351) 252 330 900

Fax: (+351) 252 376 887


The CH series CNC Pipe Bending Machine has unquestionable durability and precision. Suitable for workpieces with OD from 6mm to 420mm. This pipe bending machine can be used in various industrial sectors that require bending of pipes, tubes, profiles and the like.

                                        • Suitable for all kinds of applications and industries
                                        • Easy to operate
                                        • Easy & fast replacement tool
                                        • Integrated loading and unloading system
                                        • Features spring-back measurement, anti-collision and other advanced features

AMOB Electric CNC Tube Bender The eMOB Series features the latest advanced bending technology for the pipe and tube fabrication industry. The machine is available in two different versions, namely the eMOB 2Bend series which is able to change the bending direction through a rotative head and the eMOB LR Series where the bending station can position itself on the right or left side automatically.

                                • Can bend with fixed radius or variable radius in the same cycle
                                • Capable of processing 6mm to 52mm OD . pipe or tube
                                • Can do bending continuously without straight
                                • 3D Software
                                • Easy to operate
                                • Features multi-tooling, auto-correction, anti-collision, and 9-axis interpolation
                                • Automatic spin-back compensation