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Salvagnini: cutting-edge technology in all fields

The Salvagnini Group designs, builds, sells and services flexible systems and machines for processing sheet metal: punching machines, panel benders, press-brakes, fiber laser cutting machines, FMS lines, automatic store-towers and software. With its complete and diversified range of machines, Salvagnini is able to intervene in countless application sectors, providing secure and innovative answers for companies of all sizes.

Innovation, competency, service. Three words that describe Salvagnini’s activity in the field of flexible automation and industrial machinery for processing sheet metal. The Salvagnini Group was designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing up-to-the-minute modular and flexible high-performance machinery and systems as far back as 1963. As a result, Salvagnini is able to offer the customers of today highly optimized and customized solutions.

These solutions, recognized the world over as the state of the art in sheet metal processing, currently comprise: the P4 and P4lean, P2lean and P1 panel benders; the S4 integrated punch-shearing system; the SL4 punching-fiber cutting system; the S4+P4 complete panel production FMS line; the L3 and L5 fiber laser cutting machines; the B3 press-brakes, the ROBOformER robotic bending cells; MD automatic pack or MV tray store-towersand integrated systems for factory logistics. It is these solutions that are the basis for Salvagnini’s leadership worldwide.

Via Guido Salvagnini 51 | 36040 Sarego
Vicenza – Italy
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Fiber Laser

The fiber laser, built for fiber

The result of extensive experience in the field – Salvagnini was one of the first companies in the world to invest in fiber technology and adopt it as the sole technology around which to develop and design its 2D cutting systems – L3 is a productive, versatile solution that is both environmentally and user friendly.

Simplicity: automatic parameter modulation
Ergonomic design: airplane structure
Versatility: single-optic head cooled without gas
Configurability: modular automation
Quality: smart process solutions
Flexible automation: precise & unmanned operations
Safety: class 1 machine

The high dynamics fiber laser with high productivity for superior manufacturing

The result of extensive experience in the field – Salvagnini was one of the first companies in the world to invest in fibre technology and adopt it as the sole technology around which to develop and design its 2D cutting systems – L5 is a productive, versatile solution that is both environmentally and user friendly.

Productivity: high dynamics thanks to the compass
Simplicity: automatic modulation of cutting parameters
Versatility: single-optic head cooled without gas
Configurability: modular automation
Quality: smart process solutions
Safety: class 1 machine


FMS System

Pioneer in the FMS

The S4+P4 line is one of Salvagnini’s most popular solutions. It punches, shears and bends sheet metal totally automatically. The first prototype dates back to 1979 and is a landmark in the development of systems for integrated logistics. It remains the most efficient flexible manufacturing system (FMS) on the market today.

Since the beginning the S4+P4 was and remains the most efficient flexible manufacturing system (FMS) on the market.

Automatic job shops: not for mass production

Salvagnini’s expertise in integrating sheet metal processing machines is well-recognized. The first totally automatic flexible factory (AJS) for lights-out production of electrical cabinets was supplied to America back in 1984. It is just one of the numerous examples that demonstrate Salvagnini’s ability to offer and produce flexible systems that are both automatic and integrated. These solutions are specifically designed to support the latest production techniques such as kit production, lean production, unmanned production, JIT production and batch one.

A concrete step towards the factory of the future

FlexCell offers the best of both worlds, combining the features of a Salvagnini panel bender and a press-brake and is the only solution of its kind on the market for getting the most out of bending.

Efficient flexibility: The new concept of a FMC, flexible manufacturing cell.
Creativity with no limits: Complementary technologies to achieve the widest bending feasibility.
Guided operation: A complete management system thanks to operator coaching.
Fast investment return: The synergy of technologies orchestrated by OPS-FlexCell creates high added value.


MV Automatic tray store: world-class integrated logistics

Salvagnini can boast a long experience of integrating sheet metal processing machines. The first flexible panel production line in 1978 and the first automatic lights-out factory implementation in 1985 demonstrate just how thoroughly focused Salvagnini has always been on offering flexible, automated and integrated sheet metal processing systems comprising specifically designed products.

Salvagnini MV automatic tray stores act as a backbone for the entire factory, coordinating and moving automatically the materials needed for the different machining processes just in time, reducing transfer costs and times, while increasing machine efficiency.

Thanks to the Salvagnini’s proprietary software the material is scheduled and sequenced through the punching, shearing, laser cutting and bending operations in a totally automated and integrated production environment.

Panel Bender

P4 panel bender: simply our trademark

Welcome to factory 4.0

A concentrate of technology. A highly flexible, efficient and automatic system which uses particularly refined software cycles to produce a wide range of panels with four universal bending tools. An adaptive machine which automatically compensates for all the deflections that occur in-cycle, minimizing wastage. A winning solution, also when working in line with punching machines. A machine where proprietary bending algorithms deliver extremely fast and accurate movements, ensuring surprisingly high product quality.

  • P4 was invented and designed by Eng. Guido Salvagnini in 1977 and has continuously been developed up to today.
  • Salvagnini installed over 3000 panel benders in 75 countries worldwide.
  • Salvagnini offers the widest range of panels benders available.
  • Salvagnini owns the largest factory for panel bending 4.0 worldwide.
Flexible: Universal tool for bending from 0.4 to 3.2 mm thickness.
Productive: Automatic set-up in masked time
Smart: Zero scrap and consistent quality thanks to MAC 2.0.
Simple: Intuitive and easy programming software.
Reactive: Extensive modularity to allow the machine working in factories 4.0.
Versatile: Custom solution to cut profile or bend articulated parts.
Available: Widest range of available models.

P2lean – the ultimate Salvagnini panel bender

The most versatile and productive model ever

P2lean compact panel bender can produce a wide variety of metal parts, working automatically and according to different manufacturing strategies: from lean manufacturing to batch, kit, or single piece part flow.

Flexible: Wide and diversified production, from 0.4 to 3.2 mm thickness.
Productive: Universal bending tool and no set-up time.
Smart: Adaptive technology, guaranteed quality, zero scrap.
Safe: Totally automatic manipulation in cycle.
Simple: Easy installation, programming and use.
Sustainable: Reduced consumption (5 kW).
Versatile: Customized solution to produce parts, pieces and panels.


P1: the electric panel bender which broadens your horizons

P1 is the electric panel bender Salvagnini is offering as an alternative to traditional bending.

Developed to fit in 8 sqm, designed to produce with just 3 kW and equipped with patented bending kinematics, P1 is the ideal solution for companies working with cell production.

Flexible: Wide and diversified production of panel and parts.
Productive: Bends in less than 2 seconds
Sustainable: 100% electric (less than 3 kW)
Optimized: Cutting-edge architecture (designed according with Industry 4.0 concepts)
Size : Small footprint, only 8 sqm
Quality: Adaptive technology and guaranteed quality thanks to MAC 2.0
Safe: Risk-free results, thanks to automatic manipulation

Press Brake

B3: a system beyond the machine

Salvagnini B3 are designed to manufacture without restrictions, flexibly, from the idea through to the
finished product.

KITABLE ATA allows kit & batch-one production
MAC2.0 Adaptive technology to eliminate scrap and corrections
KINETIC High dynamics & low consumption in total safety
4.0 CONNECTED OPS software allows communication with external environment


From design to end product

ROBOformER is the fruit of the synergy between leading companies, who base their competitive advantage on automation and flexibility. The result is a personalized high-throughput solution, complemented by service that satisfies the needs of each and every customer.

Salvagnini is the first company to adopt the concepts of lean manufacturing by developing automatic and totally flexible processing systems; and the first to introduce a totally automatic press-brake cell run by a single controller and a single program.

The cell’s components:

  1. The E3, B2 and B3press-brakes
  2. The servicerobot
  3. Therepositioning station
  4. Thefeeding station
  5. Thepanel unloading zone
  6. Theprogramming suite

Punching Center

Productivity, flexibility, efficiency: the three strong points of the punching-shearing center S4Xe

The S4Xe punching-shearing center guarantees high performance and process efficiency.

S4Xe is a highly flexible, productive and automatic system that ensures the most efficient material management, processing nests without holding scrap and reducing waste to a minimum.

The S4Xe punching-shearing center is a winning solution even when working in line with Salvagnini P4 panel benders.

Thanks to the sophisticated control techniques and digital communications protocol, S4Xe is extremely precise with rapid movements and guarantees astonishing product quality.

Productivity: Multi-press head and integrated shear
Flexibility: Automatic store that feeds the machine with single blanks for sequential production of different parts
Efficiency: Punch & Cut function
Savings: No holding scrap
Safety: No manual handling and total safety

SL4: Combined punching and fiber laser cutting. Adaptable and flexible

Created to satisfy the most demanding needs in terms of flexibility, the SL4 is the Salvagnini solution that combines 4 different functions in a single compact structure:

  • the S4Xe punching system
  • the laser cutting with an optic fibre power source
  • the complete automation typical of Salvagnini systems
  • the proprietary programming software

The combination of the punching machine with the laser makes it possible to maintain all the advantages of the multi-press head while allowing the user to create extremely articulated profiles